SHAPE ReClaimed for Weight Loss in Peoria

SHAPE ReClaimed for Weight Loss in Peoria IL

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Shape Reclaimed is an amazing practitioner-supervised weight loss program in Peoria IL that we use here in the office for patients that are wanting to lose weight or have a lot of problems with chronic aches and pains from inflammatory problems such as arthritis.

There are 3 phases to the Shape Reclaimed Program. Phase 1 is a restricted-calorie diet that lasts 23 days. During that time full instruction is given on what are acceptable foods and what is not, but we do have you eat real food. This phase helps train your body how to stay away from some of the foods that cause health problems and cause us to gain weight. Specific protocols are used as well as a non-HCG formula supplement is taken during this phase. We have Phase 1 patients come in to do a weekly urinalysis to make sure that their body is accepting the changes and they are losing weight in a healthy manner. Phase 1 is generally where we will see the most weight loss. It’s common for patients to have awesome weight loss results during this phase and actually stick with the phase 1 protocols longer than the initial 23 days.

Phase 2 and phase 3 are added in when a desired amount of weight has been lost or the patient feels they are ready for the transition. More and different foods are slowly added back into the diet and weight loss is maintained and general health is improved. It is not uncommon to see blood pressure normalized, Cholesterol Levels come down dramatically, and even diabetic numbers level out. We have men and women involved with Shape Reclaimed and everyone on it absolutely loves the ease of the program and the results that they get.

Weight Loss Testimonial In Peoria IL

Below is a before and after picture of Caleb G. of East Peoria IL. Caleb has had amazing results on the Shape Reclaimed Program.

“I lost 85 pounds with the help of Shape Reclaimed. At first, it was difficult because of the lifestyle change, but after a few weeks, it became easier.

I had unexpected body changes (i.e.: body odor was gone, stopped snoring, great sex, increased sense of taste, fewer food cravings, and less wax in my ears) and I fit into clothes sizes I’ve never been able to wear.

I would definitely recommend the Shape Reclaimed diet because it is a way of life for everyone and it is food that we all should be eating.”

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