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"Dr. Tuttle is one of the best chiropractors in Peoria. It is easy to get in for an appointment, as he will fit you in. My back has never felt better, even after a car accident last year."

- Erica F.

"I come to Dr. Tuttle to help relieve the tension build up from the stresses of teaching. He has really helped relieve my headaches!"

- Whitney H.

"My experience here has been great. This was my last resort before tubes for my daughter and the outcome has been great. Brynlee loves coming to the doctor and feels great once she leaves and I’m very pleased."

- Kalee B.

"Dr. Tuttle keeps me pain-free! I’m a student and spend many hours each week at my desk. Without adjustments, my neck and shoulders would ache constantly. Getting adjusted regularly allows me to keep working. I’m so glad I found Dr. Tuttle."

- Raz S.

"Since starting to see Dr. Tuttle I have been pain-free in my shoulders and neck. He is very nice as well as his staff. They treat you like a person instead of a number."

- Ashlee P.

"I enjoy coming to Dr. Tuttle’s office because he makes me feel young again. No Pain!"

- Adam M.

"I see Dr. Tuttle on a regular prevention basis. It helps me keep my body from aging prematurely and keeps me feeling pain-free. It’s all about health and wellness for Me."

- Rita D.

"After a summer with 3 softball teams, my back became a constant frustration. A few months after coming here everything improved! I’ve continued to come every month or so to keep the back pain away."

- Austin S.

"The treatments I received at Tuttle Chiropractic have been nothing but beneficial. Dr. Tuttle has truly helped me."

- John W.

"I started coming to Dr. Tuttle with neck and back pain, he has helped relieve the pain and get me back to normal if that is possible."

- Judy W.

"I had neck pain and mid back pain for quite some time. After just a few adjustments with Dr. Tuttle, I felt better. I feel more limber and not in pain."

- Liz Z.

"I had experienced pain in my lower back for years but was nervous about visiting a chiropractor. Dr. Tuttle relieved both my pain and fears. By visiting Tuttle Chiropractic I have greatly improved my life."

- Neil E.

"Dr. Tuttle was able to get me comfortably moving and get my pain down. My headaches are gone and I feel better than ever."

- Maggie B.

"Dr. Tuttle saved my back! After a few short weeks, I feel better than ever. I will continue my care here and tell everyone I know to come on in. Living back pain-free!"

- Trey M.

"I came in the office with pain and he does such a good job relieving me so I can go about the rest of my day."

- Lauren K.

"Justin has been my chiropractor for the past two years. Every time I come here, I always have great experiences. He is great! I’ll keep coming!"

- Hua G.

"Makes my busy day much easier. After treatments, my day goes much better."

- Jody K.

"I’ve been going to Dr. Tuttle for several years for relief from chronic neck pain and headaches. Now that I’m expecting, his care helps tremendously with all my aches and pains."

- Michelle T.

"Dr. Tuttle is great! I came in with neck problems and he helped it feel better fast! He is very caring and gentle with you! He makes you feel very comfortable when you come in."

- Megan H.

"Dr. Tuttle is the best! I was in a car accident and he has helped with my recovery and kept me pain-free! I love that his office is so friendly, and convenient and works around my schedule when getting me in for my appointments."

- Kaitlyn D.

"I see the chiropractor for regular adjustments once a month. It helps keep me feeling great."

- Alexis M.

"Regular chiropractic adjustments help with the aches from a long commute."

- Chris M.

"Dr. Tuttle has helped me with preventative care over the last two years. He’s shown me back stretches that have helped enhance my workouts and techniques for alleviating back pain after long car trips I take regularly. I’ve really noticed a difference in my body’s flexibility from the time I started adjustments."

- Gretchen P.

"I’ve been a long-time patient of Dr. Tuttle and used to have regular back pain. Ever since coming, I’ve been completely improved!"

- Melissa R.

"I came to see Dr. Tuttle with severe headaches, and with his help, I have been able to get my headaches under control and go back to living my life. Thanks!"

- Stephanie B.

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