Whiplash in Peoria IL?

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Whiplash in Peoria IL is probably the most common and well known injuries from a car accident. Symptoms may take hours, days or weeks to appear. They include:

  • Sore or stiff neck
  • Headaches
  • Pain, numbness, or tingling in the back, arms, shoulders, and hands
  • Reduced ability to move the head
  • Ringing in the ears, dizziness, hearing loss, or blurred vision

Whiplash in Peoria IL

Whiplash occurs when the force of the accident ‘whips’ the head violently from direction to another. When the neck is pushed farther than normal limits it results in muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the spine being overstretched, torn or irritated. The shock absorbing discs that occupy the space between the spinal bones can herniate or rupture.

Whiplash can be a major injury, Even if the damage to the car was minimal. Whiplash can cause permanent spinal damage. Often, whiplash injuries that are dismissed as minor initially end up causing lifelong health problems. Trauma to the spine, no matter how small, can disturb the normal position vertebrae, affecting surrounding muscles, ligaments and discs. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord so even a small disturbance can have an adverse affect on the nerve tissue.

Many patients leave the emergency room with a diagnosed or an undiagnosed whiplash injury and never receive treatment for the condition again. Not getting a whiplash injury treated properly causes a degenerative chain reaction resulting in many underlying health problems and can slowly grow worse with time and even destroy good health.

Treatment for whiplash injuries vary depending to the severity of the condition. Dr. Tuttle is an expert in the treatment of Whiplash. From a minor case of whiplash to severe cases Dr. Tuttle has specific protocols to mobilize the spine to begin to restore normal motion as soon as possible. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident large or small it is a good idea to get checked for injury as soon as possible. For more information please call our office.

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