Peoria IL Chiropractor Demonstrates Easy Home Traction Exercise for Neck Pain

Peoria IL Chiropractor Demonstrates Easy Home Traction Exercise for Neck Pain

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Neck pain in Peoria IL comes in many forms. It can be sharp and stabbing or it can be dull and achy. Sometimes we just "sleep on it wrong" and other times it has been building up for years from repetitive stresses and sedentary lifestyles. One of the first problems that develop in the cervical spine is the loss of a normal curve. This normal curve acts as a shock absorber for our neck and when lost, it makes us prone to irritation to the joints of the neck and is also the beginning stage of an arthritic condition. In this video, I demonstrate a great low-tech home exercise for almost any type of neck pain.

Effective Exercise to Help Neck Pain in Peoria IL

In the office, I always call it the "hand towel exercise". This stretch alone will not cure your neck pain, but as I always say it should be a tool for your tool belt to help manage neck pain outside of the office. I must note that this stretch acts as a light form of traction for your neck and the hand towel is not one size fits all. It is not a huge dynamic stretch that really feels like its is pulling muscles. It is a very subtle stretch that many times feels like nothing at all. As long as your neck is forming around the towel it is doing the trick. As always call Tuttle Chiropractic in Peoria IL if you have questions.

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