Chin Tuck Neck Exercise Demonstrated by Peoria IL Chiropractor

Chin Tuck Neck Exercise Demonstrated
by Peoria IL Chiropractor

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One of the most common problems, when it comes to neck pain in Peoria  IL, is what is known as an anterior head carriage. This is when the muscles in the front part of our neck get very tight and strong and the muscles that help to pull the neck and shoulders back get very weak. We often see this develop in people who spend long hours behind a computer or driving. When anterior head carriage begins it can show up with symptoms of neck pain, headaches, and pain between the shoulder blades. It can develop into disc problems in the neck with radiating type symptoms to the shoulder and down the arms.

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This video shows a great strengthening exercise for the posterior neck muscles to help counteract aches and pains due to these problems and also help to strengthen the posterior neck muscles and help to pull the head and shoulders back. As always if you have questions our team at Tuttle Chiropractic in Peoria IL is happy to help.

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