Salvation Army “Angel Tree” at Tuttle Chiropractic in Peoria IL

Salvation Army “Angel Tree” at Tuttle Chiropractic in Peoria IL

Chiropractic Peoria IL Angel Tree

We can’t believe it, but it’s that time of year again. For the last four years Tuttle Chiropractic has teamed with the Peoria IL Salvation Army for their “Angel Tree” program. The program is pretty simple and the best part is that it helps kids in the Peoria IL area have a great Christmas.

Each year we put up a Christmas tree in the office. In fact, Cheryl is working on it right now. The tree will be adorned with “angels”. Each “angel” has a small gift request from children of various ages around the Peoria IL area. The goal is to have as many angels as possible taken from the tree. The small gift requests on the “angel” are purchased and brought back to the office and placed under the tree. The Peoria IL Salvation Army comes and picks up the gifts a week or two before Christmas and distributes the gifts.

Why you should participate in Peoria IL

This has been an awesome program and we at Tuttle Chiropractic couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. We are starting the program a little earlier this year in hopes to have the best turnout yet The last two years in a row we have had so many gifts under the tree that it almost filled the entire reception area. Just goes to show we have the best, most generous patients around. You certainly don’t have to be our patient to help the cause. If you would like to help, simply come by the office at 6808 N Knoxville Ave Ste. B and grab an angel off of the tree. Thanks for helping us help so many this Christmas season.

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