Low Back Pain Stretches Demonstrated by Peoria IL Chiropractor

Peoria IL Chiropractor Demonstrates 5 Easy Stretch Sequence To Do At Home To Help Reduce Low Back Pain & Increase Mobility

Some of the most common questions I get in the Peoria IL Chiropractic office are about stretches for back pain in Peoria IL.  “What stretches should I be doing to help my back pain.” and “How do I keep my back loose so this doesn’t happen again.”  So I have put together a helpful video that will walk you through a 5 stretch sequence that will just take a few minutes and are very basic stretches for general low back pain and mobility.  These are the stretches that I want you doing every day unless we have personally discussed something different.

Click the play button below.

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As always if you have questions about these let me know when you are in our Peoria IL office. Doing these stretches routinely will help you stay mobile and feel your best.


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