Peoria Chiropractor Demonstrates Easy Mid-Back Stretch Using Exercise Ball

The mid back can be a very tricky area to stretch out. It's also a very common area to get very tight and stiff. Whether you are on a computer for hours a day, lugging around kids and all their gear, traveling in cramped quarters, or pushing your limits during a workout, the mid back can be a catch all for stress and tight muscles.

Top Peoria chiropractor demonstrates a good exercise for you to try to subside your back pain.

Beneficial Stretches for Back Pain in Peoria

A great way to stretch out the thoracic spine is to actually reverse the normal curve in a static stretch. This short video demonstrates exactly how I want you to stretch your mid back using and exercise ball. Make sure to watch all the way through. Head position is very important to get the best stretch possible. As always contact us at Tuttle Chiropractic if you have questions.

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