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What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or trauma to the nerve or the side effects of systemic illness.

The most common form is (symmetrical) peripheral polyneuropathy, which mainly affects the feet and legs. The form of neuropathy may be further broken down by cause, or the size of predominant fiber involvement, i.e., large fiber or small fiber peripheral neuropathy.  Frequently the cause of a neuropathy cannot be identified, and it is designated as being idiopathic.

Neuropathy may be associated with varying combinations of weakness, autonomic changes, and sensory changes. Loss of muscle bulk or fasciculations, a particular fine twitching of muscle, may be seen. Sensory symptoms encompass loss of sensation and “positive” phenomena including pain.  Symptoms depend on the type of nerves affected (motor, sensory, or autonomic) and where the nerves are located in the body.  One or more types of nerves may be affected.  Common symptoms associated with damage to the motor nerve are muscle weakness, cramps, and spasms.

Loss of balance and coordination may also occur.  Damage to the sensory nerve can produce tingling, numbness, and a burning pain.  Pain associated with this nerve is described in various ways such as the following: numbness, prickling, tingling, burning, freezing, or electric-like, extreme sensitivity to touch.

Peoria Civic Center, , 2006. In the foreground...

Peoria Civic Center, , 2006. In the foreground is the sculpture Sonar Tide by Ronald Bladen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The autonomic nerve damage causes problems with involuntary functions leading to symptoms such as abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, reduced ability to perspire, constipation, bladder dysfunction (such as incontinence), and sexual dysfunction.

If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy why not try a natural approach to treatment before taking drugs with dangerous side effects.  If you are looking for an alternative, drug free and holistic approach to help alleviate peripheral neuropathy pain, give Tuttle Chiropractic a call to schedule a free spinal screening.

Welcome to Tuttle Chiropractic offering a modern philosophy in treating Peripheral Neuropathy and wellness. We understand there are many Peoria Chiropractor facilities to choose from and have invested in the most advanced technology to ensure you that your treatment at our Peoria, Illinois Chiropractor office, will be exceptional.

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