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Video Peoria Chiropractor Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

In my Peoria Chiropractor Clinic practice, many people come to me suffering with the aggravating symptoms of neuropathy.  If you have been suffering from constant or intermittent pain or have felt tingling, pain, numbness, or burning in your extremities that just won’t go away no matter how much ibuprofen you take, you may be suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  The following is a video testimonial from the Peoria Chiropractor Clinic of Dr. Justin Tuttle.

An estimated three to eight percent of the population suffers from this disease, a condition in which the signals traveling between the body and the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) are interrupted, causing sensations ranging from pain to burning, tingling and numbness, and can also involve weakness and wasting of the muscles. It is particularly prevalent among those who have diabetes and becomes more common as we age.

Data from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ Job Analysis of Chiropractic lists arm and leg neuropathy as the second most common nerve problem treated by chiropractors.  Often neuropathy is caused by a degenerating spine pressing on the nerve roots. This can happen in any of the vertebral joints from the neck all the way down to the tail bone.

So it is imperative to find the actual root cause of the damage to the nerve. A chiropractic examination is used to look for what is causing the nerve to be inflamed.  Only then can a successful chiropractic solution be delivered.

If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, call the Peoria Chiropractic Clinic of Dr. Justin Tuttle today for a complimentary consultation, and together we can discuss what can be done for your condition.  With proper treatment, there is no need to let your neuropathy get out of hand or slow you down.  We look forward to working together with you.

To learn more, please contact Tuttle Chiropractor Peoria IL to request additional information or to schedule a free spinal screening.

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