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Peoria IL Chiropractic Make Informed Decisions Regarding Your Health

Our Peoria IL Chiropractic Clinic believes in making informed decisions regarding your health.  On June 20, 2013, USA TODAY featured a special report titled: “Under the Knife ‘for Nothing.’” This report is part of a series called, “When Health Care Makes You Sick.  I believe this article has interesting information that will enlighten the public and help them understand why they should question whether a surgical procedure is a good idea.

Chiropractic Make Informed Decisions

Thousands and thousands of times each year, patients are wheeled into the nation’s operating rooms for surgery that isn’t necessary, a USA TODAY review of government records and medical databases finds.  An interesting fact is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan has mandated that their patients explore evidence-based alternatives prior to surgical consideration. UPMC patients are required to have tried and failed a three-month course of conservative management, which includes physical therapy, chiropractic care and medication.

Our chiropractic clinic believes that core to our modern health services is patient-centered care.  Patient-centered care supports active involvement of patients and their families in the design of new care models and in decision-making about individual options for treatment.  Patient-centered care is defined as: “Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” Patient-centered care is also one of the overreaching goals of health advocacy, in addition to safer medical systems, and greater patient involvement in healthcare delivery and design.

Informed decision-making has to be a two-way dialogue between patients and their health practitioners about the benefits, risks and alternatives of treatment.  Taking into account the patient’s personal circumstances, beliefs and priorities is vital to truly patient-centered care.  If a patient is well informed they can be an active partner in decision-making about their care, with realistic expectations about the likely or potential outcomes of their treatment.

Research has found that well-informed patients tend to choose less invasive—and less costly—treatment alternatives.  Our Peoria IL Chiropractic Clinic welcomes the opportunity to work with you towards better health and wellness.

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