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Peoria Chiropractor Weight Loss for Life

‘I am so frustrated with my weight’, we hear that at our Peoria Chiropractor Clinic A LOT.  Men and women who for years have battled with their weight, trying one diet after another, sometimes successful with weight loss, however, most of the time putting the weight back on within a couple of months.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Are you one of the millions that have tried one diet after another?  If you are, SHAPE Reclaimed may be the answer for you.

Studies have indicated that for many people inflammation is a major contributor to weight gain.  What doesn’t help is that fat is inflammatory and immune-suppressive. To understand how Shape Reclaimed works it is helpful to know that there are 3 kinds of fat.  Structural fat is fat that supports body tissue and fills the space between organs, protects arteries and keeps the skin smooth. The second type of fat is protective fat and it is a normal reserve of fat localized all over the body.  This fat packs the highest caloric value so this reserve of protective fat can be utilized for muscular activity and maintenance of body temp.  Both of these fats are necessary and normal.

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The fat that is abnormal is adipose fat which is the stored fat from improper metabolism and overeating.  This is where excess calories are stored as well as inflammation and toxins.  It is the fat that contributes to weight gain and poor health.

Most diets break down structural and protective fat first.  SHAPE Reclaimed breaks down the adipose fat and uses it for caloric value.  The abnormal fat is stored in your belly, butt, thighs, and arms.  Patients are not only losing weight, they are knocking down inflammation in their bodies, thus, improving their overall health and improved immune health.

Transform you health today call the Peoria Chiropractor Clinic and find out how Shape Reclaimed can work for you.

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