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Peoria IL Chiropractor | Free Dinner and Workshop

As a Peoria IL Chiropractor we often have many questions about the benefits of Chiropractic care.

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It is hard to go into detail in the time it takes someone to get adjusted in our office so we are offering a free dinner workshop at the Cndlelight INN in Peoria on Monday Feb. 18th 2013. Anyone and Everyone in the community is welcome to attend with an RSVP.

If you or your family would like to learn the benefits of Peoria Chiropractor care in a laid back setting this is a great opportunity. The health talk will begin at 6:30 and i will personally buy your dinner and buy the dinner of up to four of your friends and family. For each guest you bring with you you will be entered to win a $100 visa gift card.






The 30 minute health briefing will inlclude…
-How to increase your energy by %100
-The chiropractic answer to stress
-How a healthy spine can transform your life
-Improve circulation
-Reduce inflammation
-Improve your immune system
-Add life to your years
This will be a fun evening for all. I will personally answer any questions that you may have from a Chiropractor Peoria IL. The benefits of Chiropractic care can be far reaching and people who get adjusted regularly truly have an unfair advantage with their health. we get to see the far reaching affects that chiropractic has on peoples lives everyday and we want to share that with our community.

At the the dinner all guests will be able to learn about Peoria Chiropractor care without being lectured to or preached at. Our presentation is short and concise, but informative and entertaining. Our goal is to teach as many people as possible to take a proactive role in there health rather than waiting until they are sick to seek care.

All to often we see this happen and by that time the problem has become so severe that it takes major steps to correct the problem if it can even be corrected at all. This sick care model is a major problem and is getting worse and worse. Come and join us to see how we can avoid some of these issues and find out about how our bodies work and how we can avoid many of the common illness that are prevalent today.

We look forward to seeing everyone there. There is limited seating so call the office and RSVP today. Tuttle Chiropractic 309-693-9200.

Dr. Tuttle enjoys working with people of all ages. His goal is not only to help patients achieve pain relief but to educate patients on how to reach their optimum health potential through Chiropractic care, Weight Loss Therapy, and state of the art peripheral neuropathy protocols.

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