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Peoria Chiropractic Are You Struggling With Weight

Our Peoria Chiropractic Clinic has found that many people today struggle with weight loss and its accompanied multitude of health issues.  For those patients who have tried it all and have been unsuccessful, our Peoria Chiropractic Clinic is excited to introduce you to SHAPE ReClaimed.

Shape Reclaimed is more than a weight loss program; it is a revolutionary way to reclaim your health by restoring your metabolism.  The program does this with homeopathic formulas that came out of 30 years of clinical experience using Homeopathy as Bio-regulatory medicine with hundreds of thousands of patients.

While Shape does not contain hCG, its formula mimics what hCG does in the body.  Using a glycoprotein combination such as amino acids along with additional ingredients that support weight loss & significantly decreases inflammation in your body, helps heal brain function and resets the metabolism for dramatic weight and fat loss.  This formula does not contain any hormone and is only available through trained physicians.

A common question we are asked in our Peoria Chiropractic Clinic is what’s different about this?  The goal of SHAPE ReClaimed is permanent weight loss and a return to health.  Research has proven that inflammation in the body can put you at risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  The inflammation also sets the stage for insulin resistance, leptin resistance and other conditions that go hand in hand with overweight and obesity. These conditions make it very hard to lose weight and maintain healthy body weight.

The result with SHAPE ReClaimed, in addition to weight loss, is you will lose belly, arm, and thigh fat, shed pounds and inches, increase your energy, decrease inflammation and pain, enhance your immune function, and become re-energized and revitalized.

If you have been struggling to lose weight and are ready to understand and embrace change, learn and feel empowered, call our Peoria Chiropractic Clinic at 309-693-9200.  You have nothing to lose (but the weight itself) and so much to gain by empowering and investing in yourself.

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