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Chiropractic Treatment for Inflammation

In my Chiropractor Peoria office. I see inflammation linked to many health problems, including diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancer.  In an effort to cope with the painful symptoms of inflammation, around fourteen million Americans take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In fact, these medications reduce headaches, menstrual cramps, allergies, pain, and swelling. However, the benefits of taking NSAIDs come at a high price, as long-term reliance may result in serious health problems.


The good news is that there ways to effective reduce the inflammation without reliance on medication. It involves making lifestyle and dietary changes – changes that produce a powerful effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids help restore the body’s balance, and have anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. Moreover, they also help to counteract some of the harmful substances consume, lowering the detrimental effects of exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

Omega-3 acids are found in green leafy vegetables, flax products, and canola oil, with high concentrations coming from seafood, seaweed and fish oils. In addition, the DHA contained in seafood is essential for cognitive health, and the retina of the eye.

Lifestyle Changes
A balanced diet helps to offset inflammation and the risk of developing chronic diseases. A low-calorie diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients include the intake of lean meats, fish, skinless chicken, vegetables, fruit, as well as grains and nuts.  Taking a multivitamin, as well as vitamin D, magnesium, and probiotics can provide additional benefits.

Overall, a healthy lifestyle is essential for helping to reduce inflammation and the possibility of developing a chronic disease. Moreover, research indicates that many different factors can aggravate inflammation, such as inadequate amounts of sleep, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and strenuous exercise.

Alternatives to Anti-inflammatory Medication

In acute cases, however, inflammation requires relief. Fortunately, there are natural anti-inflammatory products that provide relief without detrimental side effects.

Turmeric, for example, are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. You can include turmeric in your diet by eating curries. The use of herbs, however, has to be chosen on an individual basis in accordance with the person’s medical history. A physical examination is also recommended.

Consult Your Peoria Chiropractor

Be sure to consult your Chiropractor Peoria. He can help you create an individual lifestyle and dietary regimen to reduce your symptoms, and boost your overall health. With the right treatment for your needs, you can start managing your pain and inflammation without reliance on medication.

Both the surgical and chiropractic groups reported that no new neurological problems surfaced and only minor post-treatment soreness occurred. Sixty percent of patients who received chiropractic care reported a successful outcome, while 40 percent required surgery; of those 40 percent, all reported successful outcomes. This study concluded that 60 percent of the potential surgical candidates had positive outcomes utilizing chiropractic as the alternative to surgery.

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